Our complete guide to aging skin

25 Mar, 2024 AGING SKIN   HACKS

Our complete guide to aging skin

There are few things in this life which are guaranteed, which is often part of the wonder and enjoyment of it all, but one thing we can guarantee, ageing, is often looked upon with more dread than optimism. With a beauty industry which seems hell-bent on making aging a problem to fix, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to begin with the mountains of miracle creams and hoards of helpful formulas, and don’t even get us started on the more fashionable solutions to be found in doctors offices all over the world. We’re here to not only tell you that aging isn’t something to fear (in fact, it’s a beautiful process that we believe should be celebrated), but to tell you why you’ll see the changes you do and how to care for your skin at every stage of life!

How does skin change as we age?

The process of aging begins earlier than most think- somewhere in your early 20’s in fact! At this age your skin’s natural collagen production begins to slow at a gradual rate of around 1% per year. This change slowly reduces the amount of collagen you have in your Dermis and impacts the elastin that exists in your skin too. With the decline the Dermis loses its volume and elasticity and this is where we see skin laxity increase which gives the effect of a looser and more wrinkled skin surface. This is also why, as you age, skin begins to feel thinner and more delicate as opposed to the robust skin of our youth.

Is there a way to slow down aging?

There are absolutely behaviours you can avoid in order to prevent lines and wrinkles appearing earlier than nature alone would dictate- things like not wearing SPF, smoking, repeated facial expressions such as frowning, and not keeping your skin hydrated and healthy can all contribute to wrinkles forming. You can also engage in behaviours that stimulate collagen production such as facial massage or treatments like Red Light Therapy in order to naturally slow the process and even reverse the severity of your wrinkles and fine lines without the use of more invasive methods like Botox.

Is it different for men and women?

Yes- but the care is still similar! Men have thicker skin and higher collagen levels as well as increased natural sebum production so they generally see signs of ageing later in life and don’t have to moisturise as extensively as women but, because many men don’t care for their skin as early as women, they often find that they see signs of aging far sooner than they should for that reason. We recommend the same preventative steps for both men and women in order to keep skin healthier for longer!

Do I need to invest in anti-aging products?

The short answer- no! Skincare is about feeling comfortable and confident and, above all, is about making sure your skin is healthy to help you feel your best. The reason we here at Zutta create the tools and devices we do is because they are healthy and natural ways to boost collagen, help your skin feel firm, reduce puffiness or irritation, and keep your skin looking and feeling amazing- they can be used at any age and, while they do reverse and prevent signs of ageing, we don’t believe that signs of aging are a problem that needs to be fixed for you to look or feel beautiful! Invest in skincare that makes you feel amazing and take care of your skin for your health, but it’s important you invest in what you want to- not what you think you should!

Our complete guide to aging skin

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