As part of our mission to celebrate the healing and empowering natures of both art and beauty, we are committed to working with a diverse collective of artists to create products that blur the lines between these two industries.

Our exclusive collaborations with artists provide our customers the opportunity to enrich their beauty routine with unique objets d'art while giving artists a platform to showcase their work in new and interesting ways for a mutually uplifting experience.



A digital designer based in Spain, Marta works to create innovative and tech-forward visuals for a variety of beauty brands. Marta's designs are bold and evocative, yet easy on the eye. Her Zutta Masks follow her journey experimenting with light and color perception. She is a versatile artist, who juxtaposes geometry and organic inspired elements in a unique and fearless way.


As a UI/UX designer in her daily work, Nataliia is a fan of vibrant and harmonious colors and her creations for Zutta were heavily influenced by bold, abstract 70’s design with its strong form and captivating colors.

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