5 ways to fit wellness into your routine

25 Mar, 2024 AGING SKIN   HACKS

5 ways to fit wellness into your routine

We all say we’d like to make more time to improve our mood and mental wellness whether we promise we’re going to start journaling or we download that meditation app, but sometimes it can feel impossible to add another activity to your long list of daily priorities. Especially when you’re having a busy period, we understand why sometimes these little things that can make a huge difference to your mental state take a backseat, but we’ve got some tips to help you fit mental wellness into your schedule!

1 - Multitask

The most straightforward is figuring out which parts of your day you could add another element to. Do you commute to work and have a few spare minutes you could use on a wellness app? Do you like taking short breaks to scroll at your desk which could be spent meditating? Maybe you just have a couple of extra minutes when you wait for your coffee or for your children to come out of school. Think about where you could create a space for yourself to meditate, breathe, and reflect your way to a better mood!

2 - Lose the screen

There are very few of us who can proudly state that we don’t bring our smartphones or tablets to bed with us and, if you’re one of the few who don’t, then you likely already give yourself some good time to think which could be spent on a mindfulness activity! If you do have a habit of cradling a screen until your eyelids are heavy, try setting a curfew for your devices. This is especially beneficial as research has shown that sleep quality actually improves when you spend time away from your phone before bed!

3 - Change up your workout

We know that exercise is good for your body, but it’s also good for your mind! A regular workout of any kind whether it’s a long walk, a fitness class, a sport you love, or a regular trip to the gym provides a rush of endorphins that can decrease stress and anxiety as well as providing some time to clear your mind. Already head to the gym but want to improve your mental wellness further? Maybe switch one of your more energetic workouts in the month for a relaxing yoga session!

4 - Date yourself

We are sometimes told that in a relationship it’s important to set aside time for intimacy such as date nights, but it’s important to do that to improve your relationship with yourself too! If you have a hard time taking time out as a matter of habit then be strict with yourself and schedule it in. If you plan time for yourself in advance you can ensure your schedule remains clear whether you’re planning on a yoga session, a break for meditation, or even just a bubble bath!

5 - Zen your environment

If all else fails and you really feel like you can’t make the time for the wellness activity you’d like, you can still ensure that you’re engaging in the moment more often by adding a little zen to your environment. Whether it’s creating a calming atmosphere while you do chores by playing soothing music, treating yourself to a fresh scent that encourages you to breathe deeply any time you notice it, or even hanging a wind chime or sun catcher to delight the senses- find little things that spark joy for you and try to make them as accessible as possible!

As part of our mission to create beauty experiences that go beyond aesthetic results, we believe that each of our skincare treatments offers a unique opportunity for reflection and mindfulness, whether you enjoy meditation during your 10 minute LED Mask treatment or simply take time to enjoy and reflect upon the calming sensation of your Roller or Gua Sha massage. Make sure you take time away from stress for yourself today!

5 ways to fit wellness into your routine

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