Gua Sha & Roller Set

Introducing Zutta’s essential Gua Sha & Roller Set.

With origins in ancient Chinese medicine, our Gua Sha and Roller set bring home an age-old form of... facial massage which promises to enhance your beauty routine. This gentle two-part massage routine stimulates lymphatic drainage to aid in natural detoxing of the skin, increase cell turnover, and release tension while creating a unique self-care experience.

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Improve the elasticity of the skin

Aid in lymphatic drainage

Reduce tension in the facial muscles

Aid in the absorption of skincare products

How to use
Prepare the skin with serum or moisturizer Roll with upwards and outwards motions on your face Repeat evenly on both sides of the face and neck
Gua Sha:
Prepare the skin with serum or moisturizer Swipe in outwards motions on face and neck Repeat evenly on both sides of the face and neck

Wipe the stones with a damp cloth, avoiding the hardware of the Roller, and gently towel dry after each use, storing in a dry place

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    Gua Sha & Roller Set

    Gua Sha & Roller Set

    How it works

    The Gua Sha and Roller are tools that are suitable for all skin types and can be applied to any skincare routine for skin improvement as well as a calming massage. Studies have shown that regular use of the tools aid in microcirculation of blood flow to the face as well as aiding in lymphatic drainage, both of which contribute to healthy skin appearance with increased collagen production, even skin tone, and a smoother appearance.

    To use the tools, begin with a facial oil or other skincare product on the skin to help the tools glide easily. Begin with the Roller and then move on to the Gua Sha.

    The massage should not hurt and, if you find that it does, press more lightly on the skin with the tools.

    While a warm massage can certainly be beneficial in encouraging circulation, cooler temperatures can be very effective in soothing tension in your facial muscles. For a cooler massaging effect, simply place your tools in a cool area before treatment.

    beauty by design

    We use natural stones so each stone is unique in color and appearance like a true work of art! Black Obsidian works to cleanse and protect your aura from negative energy, mental stress, and tension. Associated with your root chakra, it can offer powerful grounding qualities that make you feel more clear, balanced and secure.

    How to use Gua Sha


    Side of neck






    Back neck

    What Zutta customers love:

    “This feels so nice on the skin and is even better if you put it in the fridge as they suggest! My face looks far less puffy these days!”

    Zara, 33Yo

    “I absolutely love this kit! The obsidian looks so sleek and the products are so high quality and feel amazing on the skin!”

    Helena, 24Yo

    “This helps me to relax before bed and has make my skin look great as well as relieving so much tension. I love listening to the playlist they put together while I do it!”

    Sarah, 28Yo

    “I’d read about these kinds of tools and always thought they’d be too good to be true but decided to try them along with the LED mask and I am so impressed! The massage is so lovely and even my husband is obsessed!”

    Penny, 42Yo

    “Amazing, what a difference to my skin”

    Alice, 25Yo

    “I’ve seen such a reduction in my skin puffiness and it looks so much smoother!”

    Kendra, 36Yo


    Does the treatment hurt and is it safe?

    The treatment is completely safe and shouldn’t hurt at all! If you find it painful we recommend pressing more gently.

    How soon will I see results?

    People can see results from the very first treatment but results are cumulative so the more often you use your tools the more you’ll notice the results!

    Is there an age that is best to use the tools?

    Any age would benefit from using the tools so you’re likely to see results regardless of age, gender, skin type, or color!

    Where does it fit into a skincare routine?

    We recommend using the tools at the end of your skincare routine after cleansing while applying your serum or moisturizer as they will aid in absorption! Use them after our LED Mask for even further anti-aging results!