STOP X ROSE + Zutta LED Mask

Meet the Sk(innovator), Zutta’s collaboration bundle with TriPollar

Our art-focused, FDA-cleared LED Mask and the healthy skin benefits of its clinically proven Light Therapies are now further enhanced when used alongside the TriPollar STOP X ROSE device. Together, they create two skincare steps that put the best of beauty innovations in your hands to create a unique, elevated self-care experience.

Zutta LED Mask + STOP X ROSE are Perfect For:

Smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Treating and preventing breakouts

Reducing inflammation and redness

Plumping skin and stimulating collagen production

Who is it for?

Anyone with first signs of aging, deep-set wrinkles, sallow, sagging skin, inflammation and breakouts will benefit from adding this innovative bundle to their skincare routine. For a well-rounded ritual, why not use the combined red + blue mode of our LED Mask to smooth the look of wrinkles and clear acne, followed by an RF-induced plumping treatment from STOP X ROSE?

RF Technology

TriPollar’s RF Therapy is at the heart of STOP X ROSE, which uses a targeted, deep-heating action to the dermis to stimulate collagen production and address multiple signs of aging, including wrinkles and loss of firmness and tone. When combined with the Thermal Mapping Algorithm, it delivers TriPollar’s most tailored treatment, with length and temperature adjusted to your skin’s needs.

Anti-Aging Red Light

Our anti-aging Red Light Therapy uses Red LED wavelengths to pass through the skin’s surface layer and into the dermis to trigger the production of more collagen and elastic fibers. This improves skin texture and elasticity while preventing the breakdown of existing collagen, calming inflammation, increasing cell energy and supporting the skin’s healing process.

Acne-Reducing Blue Light

Our Blue Light Therapy uses blue LED energy to target the epidermis – the surface layer, less than one millimeter into the skin – and eliminate bacteria that can lead to breakouts. This means that it not only treats current blemishes but prevents future ones. Blue LEDs also reduce the appearance of blackheads and inflammation.

How to use: Zutta LED Mask

Charge the controller, attach it to the mask and, if eyes are prone to sensitivity, attach the eye protectors

Secure the mask to a clean, dry face via the adjustable velcro straps. Turn on via holding down the power button and then select desired mode: red, blue or red + blue

Treatment will begin automatically. Wait for 10 minutes

The mask will automatically shut down after time is up or can be turned off earlier via the power button. Remove mask and clean before storing

Repeat treatment at least 3 times per week

How to use: STOP X ROSE

Cleanse and dry the skin or targeted treatment area.

Apply a thin, even layer of TriPollar’s Preparation Gel. Divide your face into three main treatment areas: left cheek, right cheek and forehead.

Plug in device and press power button to begin the RF treatment

Apply all four electrodes on the first treatment area with slight pressure, slowly moving the device in small circular motions. The orange light will indicate the skin’s heated to the optimal temperature. Enlarge motions until the orange light is on for the entire area

Treat each area for 4-5 minutes before moving on to the next. When finished, wash gel from skin and continue with skincare routine

The Anti-Aging, Acne-Reducing Sk(innovator) Bundle