Thanks to Zutta’s LED Mask, it’s never been easier to create a self-care routine that improves the skin and soothes the mind. It’s all down to the limited edition design and 66 powerful LEDs that peacefully emit clinically proven, FDA-cleared Red and Blue Light inspired by NASA research. 


Visibly Improve the Skin with the Zutta LED Mask

Helps to stimulate new collagen & prevent collagen loss

Improves microcirculation to create smoother-looking skin

Helps to reduce lines & deep-set wrinkles

Calms the look of redness & inflammation

Improves cell turnover to reduce & prevent the appearance of acne

Reduces the look of whiteheads & blackheads

How the Zutta LED Mask Works

Non-invasively helps to treat recurring breakouts and signs of aging from home with FDA-cleared, clinically proven Anti-aging Red Light & Anti-acne Blue Light

Anti-aging Red Light travels to the dermis layer to help stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles & improve skin tone and elasticity

Anti-acne Blue Light targets the skin’s surface layer to help calm irritation & combat breakout-causing bacteria

Red + Blue Light helps to promote firmer, smoother, clearer-looking skin

How to Use

Step 1
Charge the controller and attach it to the LED Mask.

Step 2
If eyes are sensitive, attach the eye protection inserts.

Step 3
Secure the LED Mask to a clean, dry face, turn on via the controller and choose your treatment mode: Red, Blue or Red + Blue.

Step 4
Leave the LED Mask on for the full 10 minute treatment.

Step 5
Remove the LED Mask from your face and clean before storing. 

Peaceful Treatments,
Powerful Results

These customers have illuminated their routines with Zutta’s LED Light Therapies and are reaping the rewards!

“I can’t get enough of my Zutta LED Mask! I wear it when reading, relaxing, before bed – it is my absolute essential for whenever my skin needs a radiance boost.”
Ruth T.
Example Image
“I’ve never seen anything like this before!! This mask is so beautiful (I’d love one in every color!) and the combined pink mode is super handy as I’m getting the best of both anti-aging and acne reduction!”
Ramona G.
Example Image
“This is now a permanent fixture in my skincare routine. The red light has been especially effective at slowly reducing fine lines. Even the lasting redness caused by past angry breakouts!”
Lillie H.
Example Image
“Amazing. I have been looking to elevate my beauty ritual for a while now and Zutta’s LED Mask has been perfect. I use it before my day or night cream so my skin is extra fresh and glowy.”
Kelsey P.
Example Image
“I have seen numerous LED masks on social media but none stand out as much as Zutta’s! The colorful design was initially what drew me in, but I’ve been surprised by how much clearer and smoother my skin looks after using it over the past few months.”
Tegan A.
Example Image
“This is by far the best investment I’ve made for my skin!!!”
Lauren R.
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Sustainability first

Made to last

Crafted with the highest quality materials, all of our devices and tools are made to be used for years and loved for a lifetime.

100% recyclable

We don't use any plastics in our packaging and everything is 100% recyclable.

Compact design

Our packaging is crafted to use as little material as possible to reduce waste and the impact of shipping.

Made with purpose

Our production is aligned with demand for our products so that excessive quantities are not discarded.

The Artist Behind The Design

A UI/UX designer in her daily work, Nataliia creates art that focuses on the experience and joy of the viewer, paying close attention to details in order to make her designs easy on the eye. She is a fan of vibrant, harmonious hues, and her designs for Zutta were heavily influenced by bold, abstract art of the ‘70s, with a balance of strong form and captivating colors.


Order with confidence & discover the skin confidence you’ve been searching for
Buy now and begin to see breakout-free, youthful-looking results – if you don’t, you’ll get a full refund!


Does using LED Mask hurt and is it safe?

The Zutta LED Mask is completely safe. It’s FDA-cleared, BPA-free and provides a comfortable treatment that you can enjoy up to 3x a week. You may feel a slight warming sensation and some mild flushing after use, but this will subside quickly. If this feeling persists, immediately consult your doctor.

When will I see results?

Users have seen results from the first treatment, but results are cumulative. Studies have shown that 95% of users were satisfied with their results after 3 weeks of use, so it’s best to wait this amount of time before assessing the positive impacts the LED Mask is having on your skin.

What age group is the LED Mask for?

There’s no particular age group. Anyone, at any age can benefit from the Anti-aging Red and Anti-acne Blue Light Therapies in the Zutta LED Mask. Those with mature skin or those looking to postpone signs of aging (which can begin to show as early as 20s) will see improvements in the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles with the Red Light mode, while those with blemish-prone skin will see clearer, smoother-looking skin with Blue Light.

Where does the LED Mask fit into my skincare routine?

For best results, use the LED Mask after cleansing and/or exfoliating, then follow with your favorite serum and massage in with the Zutta Gua Sha and Roller Set for a calming, lymphatic drainage action. One of the benefits of the LED Mask is enhanced absorption of products applied after treatment, so be sure to follow with your most nutrient-rich, benefit-heavy formulas to make them go the extra mile!

Who should avoid using the LED Mask?

Do not use the LED Mask on infants or children, or if pregnant or breastfeeding. Also avoid using the LED Mask if you are sensitive to light, taking drugs that are known to increase sensitivity to light, taking steroids or NSAIDs or have received a steroid injection; if you have a medical history of seizures that are triggered by light, and if you have the Fitzpatrick Skin in Type V and Type VI.

Is shipping free?

Yes, you’ll enjoy free shipping when you order the LED Mask.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, you will have a 1-year warranty upon purchase.